Tough Questions / Bible Answers

The Link presents a special Questions & Answers service Saturday, May 22nd at 7pm with Pastors Jerry and Joy Weinzierl.¬†Every wonder what is the purpose of church? Who is the church? Why are there rainbows? Is the Bible really God’s word?

No matter who you are or what you know or what your background is - I can bet you have some questions about what the Bible teaches. The Bible is plain but also sometimes complex. We are told to rightly divide the Word of truth. That statement alone tells you that if you can rightly divide it, then it must be possible to wrongly divide it.

Pastors Jerry and Joy Weinzierl are the senior pastors of Grace Christian Church. They have been faithful pastors for over 25 years. With God’s help they grew a group of people that met in a basement to a ministry that reaches literally thousands of people every week. Come to Link and get your questions answered!

We are taking questions through the form below. Most likely we will not have time to answer questions given during the service. Though there may be time afterwards to ask a question. Please submit your question below. These will be passed along for the evening service.  Please note that you must be present at link Saturday night for your question to be answered.

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